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California License Attorney is a highly specialized law firm with minute knowledge of very specific practice areas that is staffed by a team of dedicated, experienced license defense lawyers and that provides services to a wide range of professions and across the entire state of California.

We at California License Attorney exist for one purpose: to defend your professional license from all possible disciplinary actions that could be taken against it by the relevant license-issuing board or agency.

You worked too hard, trained too long, and invested too much in your career and your professional license to see it suspended or revoked without a fight. We know how to empower you to fight back against "the system" and how to obtain the best result possible in a given set of circumstances, be that a dismissal of the allegations threatening your license or a favorable plea deal that minimizes the impact of a complaint filed against you.

Our Undying Commitment to Each and Every Client

At California License Attorney, we always put the customer first and make his or her 100% satisfaction with our services our constant measure of success. We put ourselves in your shoes, motivate ourselves with a deep concern for how a potential board action would affect you and your career, and treat you with the respect and dignity we would want to be treated with, were our roles reversed.

From the moment you contact us, we take the time to listen to you and understand your situation, you goals, and your needs. We then share with you our knowledge of the process you are going through and immediately begin to formulate appropriate, effective strategies for defending your license and your reputation.

We give you the benefit of a free, no-obligation, fully confidential initial consultation. And we are prompt about call-backs, normally returning your call within 24 to 48 hours if at all possible. We can also arrange to meet with you in person to discuss your situation, typically even on weekends and during the evening if you so request.

During the consultation and beyond, we make sure we communicate with you in "non-legalese" and in a clear, straightforward manner to help you better understand your legal situation. But neither do we expect you to tackle complex legal technicalities involved in the rules governing the process — that's our area of expertise.

Our commitment to you is to fight for you through every step of the process, doing everything legally possible to protect your license and your livelihood. We have a large number of satisfied clients all across California and hailing from a great variety of professions who can testify to how successful we have been at keeping that commitment.

Sound Advice That Can Save You Time, Money, and Your Professional License

Getting sound advice on what to do and what not to do early is key when you receive notice of an investigation or a complaint against you that could affect your professional license. We at California License Attorney give you that critical advice, out of our deep practical experience, as early as possible.

For example, you should never speak to a board investigator alone after you have been informed of an ongoing inquiry concerning your past professional conduct. Anything you say to an investigator can be used against you later on or at least put limitations on available defense strategies. Always talk to a license attorney first, and in fact, opt to have your attorney speak with the investigator instead.

Also, the earlier you contact a lawyer the better, because it is often possible to negotiate with the board and resolve matters without going through an administrative hearing (if you act quickly enough). And if matters are resolved early, it can save you money and time as well as your license.

Representing You Responsibly Every Step of the Way

If you do need to go through a hearing or a trial, we know how to handle these scenarios effectively. We will not hesitate to assert your rights and expose weaknesses in the evidence brought against you.

The specific process you go through will depend on a multitude of factors, such as the type of license you hold, the nature of the accusation, which hearing judge and prosecutor are involved in your case, and the timing and nature of actions taken in your defense. But in all cases, administrative hearings held by licensing agencies are not the same as ordinary court cases. The rules of evidence and the procedural norms are different, and you cannot afford to rely on a lawyer without experience in your exact practice area.

Before the hearing occurs, there will be a "discovery" session where your attorney will get access to the evidence the board is basing its complaint on. At this point, we will move to acquire as much information as possible, using subpoena power if necessary. This is also the time to depose witnesses and lock them into their "story."

In some cases, it may be possible to force a dismissal before the hearing comes, or conversely, it may be prudent to negotiate for a plea deal that lets you keep your license and avoid the actual hearing. We at California License Attorney know how and when to take each course of action, always with your best interests in mind.

At the hearing itself, should it become necessary, we continue to fight for your future. It may be possible to defeat an allegation or to at least get the proposed professional discipline reduced to a citation and fine. It may be possible to keep the citation private in some cases rather than being publicly posted on the licensing board's website. Each situation is different, and we do not treat our cases in a "cookie cutter" manner. We assess the specifics and use our legal knowledge, experience, and creativity to find a way to achieve the best possible result.

You Should Never Give Up — There Is Always a Path Forward

Many times, a professional served a notice of investigation will feel helpless and wonder if just ignoring it and letting "the inevitable result" catch up with them in due time is all they can do. Not at all! Remember that anyone can make a complaint, but proving it is another thing.

Other times, people feel like fighting only suspensions but just not bothering about citations, thinking it may not be worth the time and effort to try to get them removed. But we have successfully prevented or gotten removed numerous citations, and leaving on on your record can hurt your reputation and drive clients away.

Finally, when the hearing judge recommends against you, there is still some chance the board will not abide by his/her recommendations. And even when a license is suspended or revoked, there are ways to go about getting that license reinstated.

And if your license is put on probation, we can build a strong case for you during the minimum probationary period and possibly get the board's actions reduced in severity.

Another scenario where people tend to give up is when their application for a professional license is initially denied or is held up for a long time. At California License Attorney, we have worked to get many such licenses finally approved by gathering further credentials and filing additional paperwork.

There are two things to remember when dealing with any California professional licensing board. First, they are not "on your side." Second, they are not "out to get you." They are there to protect the public, but most board members and hearing judges understand that anyone can make a mistake and may show leniency if your case is handled right and they are convinced the mistake will not be repeated. Boards also realize how frequent false allegations are and how easy they are to be made. But you need a skilled license attorney to convince them that this is what has happened in your particular case.

We Are Here to Answer All of Your Questions

At California License Attorney, we welcome all of your important questions regarding your license and the license defense process. We are all too happy to help you better understand what is happening and what to expect. Clearing away the fog and clearing up any confusion will help you to minimize the stress and anxiety you may be feeling.

Here are a few FAQs were hear from many of our clients, along with some answers:

  1. How long will the investigation take? That depends on the particular board, but many times it can be rather lengthy (months to years in duration). It is possible the board will drop the case on its own after the initial inquiry, but don't count on it. Better to use the wait time to prepare yourself legally.

  2. What possible actions can the board take against me? There are many possibilities. It could issue a citation only. Or, it could suspend or revoke your license or put it on probation. Boards also sometimes issue interim suspensions during the investigation. There could also be fines, official reprimands, or a requirement to take a substance abuse class before continuing your practice.

  3. During discovery, will the defendant gain access to disclosed documents? Typically, no. Only your lawyer will normally be privy to information released in the discovery process.

  4. How does board action relate to criminal charges? Several ways. An existing criminal case (even a misdemeanor one) can trigger a board investigation. A board action can also lead to criminal charges be filed subsequently. Or, the board can be called in (or volunteer) to appear and give evidence in a separate criminal proceeding. If a civil action suddenly becomes a criminal allegation, rest assured our team of license attorneys are well equipped to handle both types of charges.

  5. Must I cease my practice during the process? That depends. Usually, you can continue to practice during the investigation. If an interim suspension has been issued to prevent this, we can often get it overturned.

  6. Must I personally appear at the administrative hearing? Usually, there will be no need for you to appear at your hearing. It may be helpful or potentially detrimental to your interests for you to do so, depending on the situation. We can assess the risks and give you sound advice on whether or not to personally appear.

  7. What benefits are there to calling a license attorney early? There are many ways you stand to benefit by taking early action. The chances of a dismissal or a favorable plea increase. The likelihood of negative information about your practice going public decreases. And you can often admit certain mistakes, if need be, early in process with little if any affect on your license and your career.

  8. Is there anything you can do after professional discipline has already been rendered? Yes. We can petition the board to get your license reinstated or to shorten a license probation period. We can also sometimes get citations removed from your record.

  9. What if I am licensed by more than one state? We have expertise in handling California license cases and in taking measures to help prevent any actions taken against you from impacting your license issued by another state. As long as the incident took place in California, you shouldn't need an additional license attorney hailing from any other U.S. state.

  10. What kind of financing do you provide? At California License Attorney, we can work out a customized payment plan for you if necessary. And we also accept all major credit cards as a form of payment.

We Are Here to Help Round the Clock

California License Attorney has deep experience in defending all manner of license-related cases. We offer services specific to dozens of California's many licensing boards and agencies, covering every area from medical to business to legal. 

We are here to assist you 24/7, so don't hesitate to call us at 888-959-0068 for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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