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The care of pets and animals is a noble career to enter upon, but it also requires extensive training and an expensive, time-consuming license application process with The California Veterinary Medical Board. The board licenses both veterinarians and the veterinary technicians who assist them.

And while the state board's mission to protect pets and clients against unsafe or sub-par veterinary care is well intentioned, it is also very easy for the innocent to be accused and see their hard-earned license (and the career that depends on it) put at serious risk. And even when a mistake did take place, it should not necessarily be career-ending. Yet, without adequate legal advice and representation as you move toward your administrative hearing, an unfavorable outcome is much more likely.

The ease at which false or exaggerate complaints can be made against a veterinarian is alarming. If anyone calls the state Veterinary Medical Board and reports you for an action they feel did or could have harmed a person or an animal, the board is required to start an investigation. Such allegations may include: incorrect billing, employment of unskilled, unlicensed assistants, drug/alcohol addiction or abuse (especially if allegedly intoxicated while on the job), DUI, and any criminal charge that could affect your ability to render proper services.

If left unchecked, these kinds of allegations can lead to citations and fines, loss of your veterinary license, and other forms of professional discipline. Only by acting quickly within the prescribed time limits and hiring an experienced license defense lawyer can you maximize your chances of a favorable final outcome.

At California License Attorney, we are fully able to guide you through every step of the process in defending your license. We can also assist you in overcoming any obstacles to getting a new license application approved or in getting a revoked license reinstated.

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