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Becoming a registered nurse (RN) is a very lengthy, difficult, and costly process. And RNs are among the most important of all medical workers. Yet, it is also extremely common for registered nurses to face administrative disciplinary actions of The California Board of Registered Nursing.

The list of possible complaints is long indeed, but we will mention here just three of the most common ones that can affect your California nurse's license:

  • Deficient record keeping: As RNs must constantly work at maintaining detailed records of numerous patients, it is easy to make a simple mistake. The information involved is very precise, complex, and extensive. Your license can be suspended or put on probation if the board determines your record-keeping was not consistently complete and accurate.
  • Substance-abuse issues: Any and all drug or alcohol abuse related problems are taken very seriously by The California Board of Registered Nursing. This includes DUIs, DUIDs, possession of a controlled substance, drug/alcohol addiction, and taking medications that were supposed to be used by patients. If a substance-abuse issue is found to impair your ability to do your job, it could lead to a suspension of your RN license.
  • Failing to meet an acceptable standard of care: Nursing is a highly regulated profession, and exacting standards of care and conduct must be adhered to at all times. If a pattern of failing to meet this standard is alleged or if patients are allegedly injured due to negligence on your part, your license and career could be at risk.

It is not uncommon for false or exaggerated charges to be filed against a nurse or for unrealistic expectations by a patient to be turned against a nurse who has fully done his/her duty. But it is also true that even very good nurses can make a simple mistake, especially when put under extreme pressure for long periods of time.

Regardless of how the action came to be brought against your professional license, we at California License Attorney are not here to judge you we are here to help. We know how to fight actions against your license but also how to negotiate a plea deal that can save your career, such as entry in a nursing board drug diversion program.

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