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When you find out you are under investigation by The California Bureau of Real Estate and your real estate broker license could be in danger, you are facing a major hurdle you must overcome to continue your career as a realtor.

The regulations and processes involved in investigations and administrative hearings by the Bureau of Real Estate are foreign even to most realtors, for they are not (understandably) part of their day to day routine. But we at California License Attorney deal with these kinds of situations every day. We are fully familiar with the process and with how to build you a case that will maximize your chances of a favorable outcome.

Common accusations against realtors that can threaten their licenses include various forms of fraud and professional misconduct. Such allegations can lead to citations and fines, suspension/revocation of your license, and other forms of professional discipline.

But by acting as soon as possible and relying on an experienced license defense lawyer, you can often defeat these charges and continue your career.

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