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It takes years of commitment, hard work, and a large financial investment to gain the skills to become a podiatrist and to gain your California podiatrist license. Specializing in treating foot/ankle disorders means devoting yourself to a relatively narrow career path but serving the public with a relatively rare set of skills.

But in a moment, when a criminal charge or an allegation of conduct unbecoming to your profession is filed against you, your license and your livelihood are suddenly all on the line. And the process that is set in motion in regard to those allegations is not familiar except to specialty attorneys who focus on defending professional licenses.

At California License Attorney, we understand the complexities of the administrative process that can threaten your license with suspension, revocation, probation, or citation. We know the intricacies of all applicable laws and regulations and are familiar with the inner workings of the hearings and formal actions that constitute the process.

You worked too hard for your podiatrist license. Don't let it slip away without a fight or try to defend yourself. Contact us today, and we will put all our expertise to work for you and fight tenaciously for your future.

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