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The extremely strict standards set by the California Medical Board are good in that they protect the public from potentially suffering from the actions of unqualified or irresponsible practitioners. Yet, at the same time, it is easy for false or exaggerated accusations to put your physician's or surgeon's license at risk. And no one can guarantee they will never make a mistake — no one.

We at California License Attorney have deep experience in defending physician and surgeon licenses against all manner of allegations, including but not limited to: substance abuse, DUI, negligent, incompetent, or reckless administration of medical treatments or surgeries, fraudulent billing practices, and more.

By acting early and calling us as soon as a matter arises, you gain more time to build a defense and avoid running over the time limit for challenging formal accusations. But whatever stage you are in the process, we at California License Attorney know how to best proceed from that point forward and how to maximize your chances of retaining your professional license or avoiding other forms of professional discipline.

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