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You worked hard and "played by the rules" to obtain your California optometry license, and your whole career and livelihood is dependent on keeping your license and maintaining a good professional reputation by avoiding citations.

But it is not uncommon for an optometrist license to be threatened by such allegations as negligence, drug/alcohol addiction, health insurance fraud, or sexual misconduct. And misunderstandings by patients as to the roles of optometrists (relative to ophthalmologists and opticians) can also lead to baseless complaints.

Without familiarity with the administrative process, which is quite involved, that will determine if disciplinary actions (and if so, which ones) will be taken against you, your license and your future are at high risk.

At California License Attorney, we have deep experience in helping optometrists in obtaining a license, retaining their license, keeping their license citation-free, and in getting a revoked license reinstated.

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