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Anyone involved in professional dentistry and holding a state-issued license has proven their worth through a rigorous licensing process in the state of California. But it is easy for an accusation and an investigation by the Dental Board of California or by the state Dental Hygiene Committee to suddenly put your career in jeopardy.

Common rationale for a board-initiated investigation, issuance of a citation, or revocation of a California dental license include: negligence or recklessness, unprofessionalism, faulty record keeping, sub-standard quality of care, insurance fraud, and sexual harassment.

None of these allegation need be true to end your career, but any of them can be effectively counteracted by a skilled license attorney. At California License Attorney, we understand how the dental board and license-related legal matters really work in California, and we can put our expertise to work for you to save your license and your professional reputation.?

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