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Architects devote their whole careers to designing all manner of edifices and structures to meet numerous desired criteria, from aesthetic appeal to maximum space utilization to structural soundness and safety issues.

But even when an architect does everything right, it is still possible for an accident or a miscommunication to occur. These are not necessarily anyone's "fault," but it may take a skilled license defense attorney to help the board to see it that way.

Complaints that are frequently filed against those in the architect profession that could affect their ability to continue their careers include: negligence, fraud, breach of contract, drug or alcohol addiction, and more. Any of these allegations could threaten your license and/or taint your professional reputation.

We at California License Attorney know how to present your case in the best possible light to The Architects Board of California and how to fight against disciplinary actions recommended by that board both before, during, and after the administrative hearing. We can maximize your chances of preventing a citation or revocation or help you negotiate a plea that lets you keep your license if facing conviction on a criminal charge in a California court.

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