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Anyone with an acupuncturist license in California has already proven their worth through extensive training in this very specialized form of "alternative" therapy, and has already spent much time and money in getting through a stringent process to obtain the license.

One mistake or a false allegation should not cancel all you have worked so hard for, and it doesn't have to. We at California License Attorney know how to communicate effectively with The Acupuncture Board of California in your best interests.

We know how to fight against and expose false accusations and how to negotiate for a plea deal that lets you keep your license even when a mistake of some sort truly did occur. We know how to find exculpatory and mitigating evidence in your favor and how to best present it at the administrative hearing.

We can guide you through the investigation, administrative hearing, appeal process and every other stage of any action taken against you license. Whether struggling to get your license application approved, get a citation removed from your record, prevent your license from being revoked, or petition for a license reinstatement, we have the resources and experience to assist you.

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